Our Cafe's Coffee: Handlebar Coffee Roasters, Santa Barbara CA / by Palm & Boy Coffee


We are excited to begin 2019 with new coffee beans using Handlebar Coffee Roasters from our neighboring city Santa Barbara, CA.

We have had such an amazing two years in our cafe and joining along side other shops in the area of spreading awareness of what third wave coffee was. In the beginning of this year we were able to sit with Handlebar and explain how we wanted to perfect our coffee and our baristas. Next level kind of stuff. Handlebar listened and was so encouraging. To strive for excellence and to serve the best coffee.

Handlebar is not only amazing coffee but they are owned by just the most amazing owners. We feel so inspired by them and their strive to do great coffee but also the experience of a cafe from a customers perspective. It was truly the best decision our cafe has ever made and we can’t wait to show Ventura what they are about. We feel honored to proudly serve their beans.

Not only are we excited about this new change but our crew and most of all our baristas couldn’t wait to begin pulling shots and pouring lattes. Having our crew join us in excitement showed us this was the best decision for our cafe moving into the new year.

We can’t wait to make you something awesome!